And what about the bugs?

Comment made on FB:

The reality of life is that you need to to kill a living being to feed other living beings. Even in the growing of crops, bugs must die in order for the farmer to be profitable. 


Well, if people even were to eat directly plants and bugs, we would kill less plants and bugs if we were to eat them directly than if we were to feed those same plants (filled with bugs), in addition to much more to provide for animals to live and grow — and then slaughter them for food. So not only are those plants and bugs still being consumed when eating non-veg, but much more of them, including the animal that you are killing (check out the page on plants for more info) . Here is an article from Cornell on how much animals consume…/us-could-feed-800-million… “U.S. could feed 800 million people with grain that livestock eat, Cornell ecologist advises animal scientists”

Also farming today, is definitely not the most compassionate practice. You are right, worldwide we spray millions of tons of chemicals, pesticides and herbicides to kill out all the competition so the plants we want can thrive. However, these methods are actually quite ineffective in the long run, and scientists are gradually understanding that there are much better ways to farm. That are more ecologically inclusive and rely on rich biodiversity in the soil and in the plant species. In relying on nature, we don’t need the use of chemicals. Organic is the closest regulated infrastructure to this kind of farming system that we currently have. Of course organic has a way to come to fully embrace biodiversity on the farm and all of the elements that could make it a more compassionate process. Organic is up against a very tough competitor, cheap fossil fuels that run conventional agriculture. On small scales however, it is possible to grow food without resorting to killing all but the plant lives that will eventually be harvested. At my farm, I never kill any insect, in fact I typically only see beneficial insects that don’t harm your plants, like spiders, preying mantis’, butterflies… I also don’t weed. I allow everything to grow, everything has a place in the garden, and I also find that many of the plants still do amazing despite something that may horrify a conventional grower. But modern research is really pushing us more to diversified yet unified systems, which aren’t reliant upon chemicals, mono-crops and GMOs. So the world is transforming in it’s own way.




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