But they are already dead when they reach the plate…

They may be ‘dead’ on the plate, but the consumption of that ‘deadness’, reinforces that ‘deadness’ is what you consume, it reinforces that life needs to be taken away for the sake of yours. It reinforces the subjugation of lives and mistreatment of many. It may seem like we are merely spectators in life and in no way are the harbinger of the infliction of suffering of other creatures, but in fact, every action we take either promotes peace or promotes violence in our world, even if we think it’s merely ‘politeness’ in accepting a plate of ‘dead’. No, in my world, that is accepting violent acts upon creatures we have caged and have not given any degree of freedom to, for the sake of sparing someone else’s discomfort when their offering of ‘deadness’ is denied.


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