No one should force you to eat a certain way: Everyone should be able to eat what they want


Sameer Singhal I guess there is always such a big deal made out of meal preferences, plants and animals both have lives, and you are free to make the choice. Maybe for several days one chooses to be vegan, but for the others one may choose to have meat.  Everyone has different taste preferences and health needs and should be able to eat what they like….without any imposition….



The only demand which can affect us comes from within, no one can make you feel anything that somewhere inside you, you don’t already feel. Of course plants are life forms, but I don’t see it a fair comparison to relate a plant with flesh and blood. Even the most sensitive of people aren’t deeply affected by witnessing the chopping of vegetables. Growing up on a farm, I can tell you, that witnessing the murder of several animals affected me deeply. Of course people are going to choose their foods at the end of the day, but it is quite disturbing to me, that in today’s world we regularly choose foods in which if we had witnessed what had happened behind the scenes… we may have made a different choice. If you have not taken the life of an animal or been directly in the presence of an animal being butchered alive, there can be no accurate claim that the life of a plant and the life of an animal are equal. It’s not just about personal taste and preference, when it involves such blood. We are all in fact human beings, often addressed as omnivores, and just as many people use that word to justify the consumption of meat, we can also use that word to justify that we are all fully capable of thriving on plants. Just as well as any person who already does. We are not so biologically different, but it can be a comfort to believe so, in order to feel ‘secure’ in our habits.


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