Being Vegan is Hard

Taylor S:

“People keep asking me if being vegan is hard. “Oh my god, how could you ever give up cheese or icecream!?” My answer is yes, veganism is very hard, but not anything having to do with me missing certain foods or tastes. There are so many vegan, cruelty-free alternatives to those things if I wanted them for any reason. The real reason it is hard is because of the heartache. Knowing how many animals are suffering at this very moment, knowing the torture they’re being put through. The torture that no sentient being should EVER have to endure. The heartache of seeing the truth behind slaughter house walls, and on dairy farms. I want to cry every time I even think about it, and sometimes, I do. But I just have to tell myself that I’m making a difference, even if it is very small in this big world, and I’m saving animals’ lives by not listening to the lies that tell me I need meat and dairy to survive, because that is absurd. And that, my friend, is way more important to me than consuming any kind of animal product.”


Esther T:

I did think that is was hard when I first started, I am not going to lie. I didn’t know anyone else who was vegan, and this sounds super shallow but.. my favorite foods had cheese,dairy or egg in them.. and I didn’t know how to say no to them… It’s totally lame but it was true at the time. I remember I had said outloud.. that I wanted to go vegan… it was just hard.. and some girl overheard in the cafeteria.. and she says.. actually it is easy. And for some reason that comment upset me… because I wanted to be.. and it was hard for me.. and that was my reality. So I disagree when people think that comment means the person is just not ready… I would rather say –that they actually just need a little support — What helped me was making a commitment to a 21 day vegan cleanse where I also avoided sugar– And i’m telling you.. this was not easy at all! I had to really stick to my guns — in my mind I kept saying.. after 21 days I can just eat all of this stuff again.. but after 21 days… I felt sooo good and so proud and awesome of myself that I didn’t want to go back . — and that lasted actually for a year.. until i travelled abroad and decided to eat what the locals ate — vegetarian…. and then when i came home i started allowing “free-range” stuff — but my health had seriously plummeted and didnt start to get better until I went vegan again… and then it was easy.. because I realized nothing in animal products was healthy for anyone… and obviously the more literature and documentaries I was exposed to the more cruelty I saw.. and the more information I understood.. it was a process… I think being patient with people and really understanding where people are at currently and acknowledging that will help them trust you as a friend so they can open up to you… about how its difficult and why.. and ways they can sort it out… I just don’t think its fair for vegans to bolster how easy it always is.. and then because it’s not always easy for people– they figure that it isn’t for them. But After the initial stages anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks to 1 year, YES it is super easy and joyful and wonderful.  The initial stages aren’t always easy… but it’s soooooooo rewarding and worthwhile 🙂  



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