Carnivorous humans vs. “animal loving humans”

The following two quotes were taken from Facebook:

Humans are carnivores and have been so for millions of years, and need to interact with our surroundings.  

Humans only choose to go meat free because they “love animals so much”

I responded with the following:

the argument can go both ways.  To say that we have been eating this way for millions of years is a stretch and . And we kind of are designed more for plants if you think about it .  When you kill a bison with your bare hands no weapons, and prefer to eat it raw including bones and fur… but not before it’s rotted for a couple of days and no seasonings–( because seriously who eats those bits of plant food anyway??)… seriously let me know– at that point you will have thoroughly convinced me otherwise.  We see in color — and are attracted to bright colors (marketers take full advantage of this), our hands are perfect for grabbing and picking fruits and vegetables. Our intestines are long like other herbivores actually (carnivores have short intestines so they can quickly get rid of all that rotting flesh they eat). We don’t have sharp claws to seize and hold down prey.  Canine teeth actually don’t mean much, hippos have the largest canines in the world, but they are fully vegetarian (check out these ones too We are animals, and we do have massive endurance.. but actually most animals do.  Taking animal products out of diets can clear up illnesses, cancer (esp colon, breast and prostate), heart disease, strokes, diabetes… the list goes on.  It’s pretty interesting.  definitely worth some research. To say that people who dont eat meat.. don’t eat it because “they love animals too much” is partly true.. but just doesn’t quite cut the cake.  It’s the biggest impact in terms of environmental protection that you can take (check out, it’s the quick route to better health– many individuals have taken full advantage of this and have set up health retreats around the world and have massive success reversing all kinds of lifestyle disease among others, and yes.. it is a little more compassionate to not treat other living beings as if they don’t feel pain… It’s not about being perfect or not being a part of life. I am just as much a part of the creation and the destruction process of life every day — I garden, I farm, I do all sorts of things that are both harmful or helpful to the surroundings. But if there is one very simple thing that I can do that significantly benefits the world at large, why not? Animal agriculture is the number one cause of what’s tearing down the rainforests, polluting our waters, killing off ocean, wildlife, and making us unhealthy.  The more people in on this secret… the better, that’s how I see it.

followed by:

All I’m saying is that people who don’t eat meat, are largely misunderstood. Since, people who do eat meat, aren’t interested to thoroughly research a new position in fear of a change in their food preferences, which would primarily inconvenience them, in having to question their ‘tastes’, ‘identity’ , ‘mindset’, ‘habits’ or ‘rituals’

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