but veggies are expensive and especially organic veggies

 And not everyone may be able to afford to buy the kind of food they would like to buy…. 


Produce is expensive.. some ways that it can be more affordable— grow herbs in window sills, or potted plants on porches, find nearby hiking trails and learn wild edibles, some places have community gardening plots and or CSA’s. These are at least some ways to save on grocery bills. Organic foods do have benefits, but it’s not to say that non-organic food is completely without benefits. Some people also do their best to avoid the ‘dirty dozen’ as far as possible — the produce that requires the most chemicals for production. But at the same time, eating those foods sparingly may outweigh possible benefits of avoiding them strictly — diversity in eating can be a more important factor than strictly trying to avoid nonorganic foods. Although there seems to be much evidence supporting how these foods affect our environment, while there is not as much evidence supporting that these foods are necessarily bad for health. Basically it’s something we don’t know, and time will be the most telling factor. But I think it’s a really important point brought up, that in general, there is an unequal distribution of food opportunity in this country, and this certainly needs to be addressed. In my mind, I really wish that the government would help subsidize local ecologically diversified farmers — to bring prices down, and heavily tax chemical use. — This would in turn sky rocket the price of meat, lowering demand, and upping demand for veggies — which in turn would make them much more available and prevalent for everyone despite income.


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