Help! I live with omnivores!

I was messaged by someone who lives with 5 other people and all eat meat, I shared with her my story of how I managed to transition to vegan when I also lived with 5 others who ate meat.

“When I first went vegan, I actually was living with 5 others in an apartment who were all also eating meat. I did it because I wanted to do something healthy for myself — the previous year I had been pretty heavy into partying, and felt like I needed to do something good for myself (i was also already vegetarian at the time). So I decided to commit 21 days to being vegan in addition to sugar and bread free. I ate rice, beans, steamed greens and cooked vegetables for basically every meal and for snacks I would have fruit, dried fruit, nuts and seeds. I’m not saying it was easy, my roommates would make cinnamon rolls and we’d go shopping together and I’d have to deny all of the stuff I was used to eating. But I kept telling myself, 21 days.. in 21 days I will eat all of this stuff again. Then 21 days came… and honestly.. I felt so good and proud of myself for making it 21 days.. I thought.. well.. what’s one more day? How many days could I go? After a little over a month — The purity of my diet started fading, I eased back into sugar and other stuff..seemed  too hard to resist long term at that time. But I maintained being vegan — I think I cheated once on a non-vegan cookie — but other than that I was vegan for a full year, until I went to India — And I decided to eat like the locals ate.. which I don’t think was a good idea.. I fell off the bandwagon (still vegetarian though).. and for the next year I had multiple illnesses.. until I finally went vegan again. It also helps to have a good recipe book — I started with — Sarah Kramers, ‘la dolce vegan’ and  I’d often share with my roommates some of the food from the recipes and they absolutely loved it when I cooked!! To this day they have memories of how I used to torture them with the smells of what i was making but I often shared lol so it was okay. ‘This Crazy Vegan Life’ was what inspired me to do a 21 day fast, and she breaks down the 21 days into recipes and how-to’s .. her recipes are super healthy too Another great way to maintain focus is to watch documentaries like, ‘Forks over Knives’, ‘Darthlings’ ‘Got Facts on Milk’ ‘Cowspiracy’ ‘Eating’  and ‘Food Matters'”


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