But if I’m vegan… no one will like me.. because I’ll be judgmental and shove my opinion in everyone’s faces (LOL)

— If you didn’t notice.. the title is sarcastic.  There is this general view floating around that vegans are on some high horse.. and they are annoying.. and no one likes them.. and blah blah blah.  

It’s because once you learn the truths of animal cruelty.. it truly is disgusting– watch earthlings.  

When you understand that there is a living being.. behind every set of eyes..just like you and me.. and they are being treated everyday … miserably… yeah, you bet a lot of ppl are going to become emotionally activated.. a war is being waged currently on the most helpless imprisoned beings on the earth.  Yes, it’s terrifying.  Yes, bad things happen to humans as well — I’m not denying that, and I do as much as I can to support people as well.. in any capacity that I have.. but one choice we ALL have is what we buy and what we wear.  It’s the easiest impact that we can make.  If I could choose not to buy or wear something and I knew that that would help a whole race of individuals were suffering and in a war zone — HELL yes I would do something about it.  If every single meal we consume, is affecting billions of innocent beings all around the globe… hell yes, you bet your life I am going to do something about it.  I’m not judging you for your choice not to, but I may share what I know because there was a time when I didn’t know.. and I wish I had.  


someone posted on fb about what our thoughts were about whether to be a silent vegan who never preaches.. or in your face vegan who preaches all of the time … this was my response: 


hmmm this one is tricky.. I definitely feel like there is a middle ground. It doesn’t exactly make people become interested in veganism.. when vegans are constantly blaming, criticizing and generally getting emotional (i’m one to speak.. the animals are seriously my heart… but it doesn’t help my case when I get too emotional). But on the other hand… yes.. being vegan alone is awesome, however with vegans being such a minority.. i feel we do have a responsibility to share veganism .. and dust off misconceptions that ppl may have of it. Everyone has a different way of doing this — for me, I started a local vegan group… I organize activities… I offer support regularly to people who suffer from health issues — and often ppl will take me up on it… if someone talks about something in a way that is disrespectful to animals.. I will speak up.. and offer another perspective… we can’t force people or shove it in their faces.. but we can speak from our hearts about what is true for us… and it’s soooooo hard I know.. because literallly beings are being tortured because of our choices every second of every day… but our patience is so imperative.. we have to appeal to people.. like a salesman… which salesman do you listen to.. the calm and composed guy.. or the one who is activated.. and desperately trying to get you to buy that car.. and making you feel guilty for the car you are already driving??? No it doesn’t work.. atleast it hasn’t in my case… but again… we can’t afford to be totally silent.. we have to do something we have to act.. we just have to be tactful about it.


Some more comments 🙂


Rahil Babooram—  while their ‘gospel’ (eat more animals) is written and published everywhere.


Comment below was posted on a vegan thread on the same topic…. 

Juliana Fiore— not everyone is going to agree with each other on everything. While there are things here and there that show up in this group that I myself may not agree with, specific posts won’t make me leave. Another thing, since this is a vegan group, don’t get upset if there are views and opinions posted here that you don’t agree with. Everywhere else outside of groups like these, vegans are bombarded with non-vegan crap all the time. With that said, it’s not cool to automatically write off vegans who advocate veganism as militant or pushy. I think it’s better than being quiet about it. I may not be as vocal as others, but I certainly don’t hide veganism from anyone. I can say I’m thankful for the more extroverted vegans out there.


Robert Grillo The focus should be on the fact that we are unnecessarily forcing animals to suffer when we don’t need to. We can prevent all of this just by making some simple changes to our diet and lifestyle. What we need is moral leadership, strength of character, maturity and clarity about the problem and the solution. It’s one of the few big problems in our world that has a simple solution. Focusing on human ego and attitude issues is just a distraction from the big picture.


A response to those making judgmental remarks on outspoken vegans…

Rahil Babooramwell you continue to be a silent vegan while others continue to be open voices for the animals.
but just as you do not find that it is ‘good’ what the outspoken vegans do when they tell others about right and wrong, etc., then you are coming across similarly with your post here..

the animals’ plight is never going to end if everyone were to ‘stay quiet, don’t tell people anything and rejoice’.


Rahil Babooram“Put your efforts into fixing poverty or child abuse. Start off with something that is universally hated, then one issue at a time, make your utopia. (a quote from an angry nonveg)”

go ahead, you do it, none of us are posting to stop you with that.

VEGANS are here for the animals’ plight.
you can’t and won’t dissuade us.


Robert Grillo (referring to the same angry quote from the nonveg above) That’s just another red herring. Your playing a game of smoke and mirrors when you bring up something like poverty to avoid the fact that we can easily avoid harming animals each time we sit down to eat and address poverty at the same time.




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