But modern agriculture/people kill bugs and bacteria!!!

Insects are much smaller than us and it would be unlikely that we would be able to avoid stepping on one ever in our lifetime. These are things that are unavoidable. If a murderer justifies killing because death is inevitable, he would still be trialed and convicted. It’s not about preventing the death of every life form on earth, which wouldn’t actually even be allowing yourself to live, but it’s about being present and aware of our deliberate actions or inactions we take on a regular basis that may cause otherwise unnecessary suffering to another being. There is a very immense difference between choosing ‘death’ and being a part of life where accidents and energy exchanges happen at all times in all forms. Do we perpetuate suffering through our actions (or inactions), or do we make choices that support loving kindness in all of its forms? These can be very difficult questions to ask, because every time we purchase an item, those items don’t come along with the story of how they were made. And our society has become complacent and we have begun to trust that behind the scenes all is beautiful, therefore we are all innocent loving beings, only contributing to society by being involved and living up to the ‘standard’ acceptable morality. These ideas are exactly what we need to question. We need to question everything we think we know about how the world works, in order to actually create the kind of world that all of us can be utterly proud to live in. It starts with one step, one thought, one question, one realization, one action. That one action has and always will be ever revolutionizing the world.


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