But taking breastmilk from cows is not torturing them

The reality of today is that these animals are severely physically and psychology abused. So yes, it’s torture, it is cruelty. Every cow has to give birth in order to give milk — and often they are made to have calves every 1 to 2 years to produce the amount of milk that is wanted from the industry — this is very difficult for the cow, to go through and shortens their lifespan by many years (and are sent for slaughter once productivity goes down) — the young are always taken away and animals like people are strongly attached to their young, just as young are to their mothers.. and when the baby is a boy.. often these boys are taken and killed or taken and they starve to death while humans feed gluttonously on these secretions meant for the calves. If you really felt that there is no harm here.. than why is it not an acceptable practice to take the breast milk of a human? Would that not be morally wrong? Why is it morally acceptable to take the breastmilk, the secretions from the cows young? society has brainwashed us to believe we need it, yet every moment we believe this lie we pay corporations to manipulate these animals, so we can consume only for the greed of it.


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