But I LOVE salmon and isn’t it very healthy for you’re body and skin

As far as the fish is concerned, there are a few things — watching documentaries can definitely be helpful — ‘cowspiracy’,  So fish — according to a chart really the main nutrients that you get are proteins (amino acids), Vitamin B complex, omega 3 oils — These are really what the substance is broken down and what it is recognized for — however fish is quite contaminated with mercury and other ocean pollutants — whales are regarded actually today as more toxic than super fund sites! These toxins accumulate the higher up the food chain you go.

In terms of fats, carbs, proteins and nutrients it comes pretty close to:

3-4 tbsp of spirulina (some places carry spirulina dried and ready to eat),2 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp nutritional yeast, 3-4 oz of seitan.. totally doable yay vegan style


Cody Williams but here’s some food for thought: I recently had a patient who came in with skin and hair problems, depression, mania, confusion.  It turned out she was pescetarian for years and had been eating mainly sport fish and developed mercury poisoning from it. So fish=bad


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