But humans are spiritual vessels

This was a post on Facebook by someone who thought, as “humans are the vessels in which we as spirits and energy can learn and grow and eventually ascend from”

And this was his justification for eating meat.

This was my response to him,

So you think human beings are special because, “spiritually we are the vessels in which we as spirits and energy can learn and grow and eventually ascend from” — how can you absolutely know that this is true? Do all humans have this capacity, or are some humans not able to, what about humans who are incapacitated, or have developmental disorders, where growth perhaps is limited. What of them? are they not fit for being vessels, could you justify killing them? What about those beings who we go to war against, or the ones who commit crimes — do we put them in prison because there is no shot for them at all to grow and ascend? Are the countries we fight, are all of those people, not chosen for spirit, and therefore we can justify killing them? Tell me how you are 100% certain that animals are not vessels for spirits and energy and can learn to grow and ascend from? How can you know for sure. Give me hard evidence, that animals do not have this capacity? Do you have it? I have personally lived around many different kinds of animals since I was a child, every chicken had a unique personality — even as they had the same mom, they lived on the same farm, they were raised exactly the same way — why were they different? I was raised on a farm, and I can’t name one animal that didn’t have a very distinct personality than all of the rest. Allowing yourself the opportunity to get to know animals, and in treating them kindly, they open up. Some beautiful documentaries that address some of these subjects are, “Speciesism” and “Animal communication”.


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