but we should be free to live however…

“Every society should be free to live according to its own principles, as long as it does not interfere in the freedom of other societies to do the same.”

Vegan Rebuttal:

Sorry this just isn’t specific enough… especially when there are so many reasons not to.

I guess the choice to eat other species, is it because we can? Is it because they are weaker? Is it because they feel less?  It is because we believe we need to? Is it so we can fully feel like we are participating with all parts of this world, whether they be the dark sides or the light sides?  But in our society why cows, why goats? Why not cats or dogs?  Or people our enemies — I’m thankful we don’t, however this is speciesist of me. To judge a being in this world, based on what body it was born into, makes less sense to me over time.

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