But we shouldn’t be more land efficient…

“The idea that we must squeeze every bit of agricultural efficiency out of the land is what led to the current crisis.  Raising animals is a way of coexisting with other species and having a more diverse ecosystem. I feel like moving toward purely plant-based agriculture would render animals obsolete, and make the human population much more dense than would be healthy. Ideally, we would let much of the land go wild again, but if it must be agricultural, why not let other animals share it with us?”

The vegan Rebuttal:

This is a really interesting point, I think that it would be largely unlikely that as a society we would move towards plant based agriculture. But who knows, maybe it could be the case.  And if we did, at least what I have seen among many vegan friends is the interest to give back.  So converting farms into sanctuaries, and allowing the joy of human and animal relationships, as relationships, rather than viewing our relationship to them as them serving a commodity for us.  So I can totally agree with sharing the land with the animals. I absolutely would be on par with putting limits on development. And keeping a certain percentage wildland. Like anything, there are always vested interests for land use.  Currently humans are already pretty dense in many areas.  But in the case of less ranchers and the like — it is definitely possible that there would be less monetary influence to keep these lands open lands.  However this wouldn’t become a problem for many more years to come. Currently if there are 70 billion land animals, if we were to transition to plant based, it wouldnt be overnight, actually more realistically would take years if not decades, and I guess some complicated model could be developed for what the rate of decrease would be, and how many animals would then be left over from the whole process. But ultimately farmers would stop breeding these animals.  If we are currently at 7 billion and animals are currently at 70billion, and lets say 10 billion animals live with us, you know maybe it actually wouldn’t change much. Current ranches could stay and become sanctuaries, while factory farms would be out of business (which hardly account for much room, since they store animals in very close and small proximities) and agricultural land currently allotted to feed factory farmed animals could be converted to forests for recreation and food for us.  Whether animals are here or not, it seems to me that humans at a certain population (depending on whatever space available) will have to deal with density issues.  I think we would certainly benefit if we valued open space and wild lands more.

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