But what about sustainable, local, organic, and humane animal products?

With our currently population as is, it is actually impossible to eat meat/animal products sustainably unless we drastically reduce the amount of animal products we consume– some say about 2oz per week or something if it were to be sustainable.

And I also don’t believe that any animals being farmed is humane.  I think the word ‘farmed’ is a nice word for forcing animals to live outside of their natural or preferred habitat for human purposes. Which I don’t believe is ethical.  Yes to some extent we have become responsible for all of the animals we have bred into this world, and because of that I do think that things like animal sanctuaries are positive because the intention is that they are made for the animals, and it’s not based on the exploitment of animals for human desires.  And I guess I don’t believe that animal food is healthy for us in the slightest.  Everything about our physiology is more alike herbivores than carnivores. Yes we are relatively omnivores — but most omnivores have something like less than 5% of protein from animal sources in their diets — its not the bulk of it.   However, the amount of meat the average westerner eats, is much more than this percentage and is causing a calamity of health epidemics that all tax payers have to pay into.. even those who choose not to eat meat.  In addition to being the biggest destroyer of the forests and the biggest contributor to global warming.
Hunting may provide for a sustainable source of meat, however the way men hunt typically isn’t.  Especially as it causes a cascade of other environmental issues. Such as hunters ‘claiming’ rights to the deer or the elk, and therefore justifying the killing of wolves, and other top predators, and then when hunting the elk or the deer they typically choose the strongest and the biggest — where wolves and coyotes typically choose the weakest and slowest out of the deer, therefore strengthening the overall community, while humans tend to do the opposite.
But personally, I can’t justify killing an animal, just as I can’t justify killing a person.  I can live without it, so why would i inflict violence and suffering on someone else, if its unnecessary. I believe, that the more,  we are able to come out of these foods, the more we are able to influence society at large, away from unsustainable habits. Because even for those who do believe in organic, and local animal products — they typically don’t veer away when offered animal products which aren’t.  And this only reinforces the deep cultural trenches of our food choices and how they’ve shaped everything from our medical system to our government.
I had a professor who sat in for a year  for his sabbatical, it was either congress or I can’t remember exactly , but his job was to advise them on agriculture and the environment.  Basically his whole being there was a joke, he said the lobbyists ran everything.
I don’t know. that’s where I stand on the issue.  Everyone chooses the life which they want to see perpetuated, and I have just come to the point where I don’t see anything good in perpetuating the suffering of animals for our own sake.

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