Why don’t vegans talk about social issues like child slavery?

This question was posted on a facebook discussion board, this was my response:

“We do the best that we can. I’ve had the opportunity to travel and work in really remote parts of India. What happens in some of these places is that farm help is fairly easy to come by. Is it better to employ more people at a smaller salary, or one person at a larger salary? I don’t have the answer to that. But what I do know, is that those living on less than 1 dollar a day are mostly happy to have a job. Children go to work because they have no other option to support their families. would we rather not allow those kids to work, and instead have them begging on the street? Again, I’m not claiming to know the answers, but sometimes these things are much more complicated than they appear at face value. These countries don’t always have the resources available to help kids off the street, or any kind food programs for the poor. I’m currently getting my masters in sustainable agriculture, and I’d love to help farmers in becoming more profitable. A lot of farmers in places like India don’t have access to ppl who can help them with their soil problems — apart from agricultural chemical representatives. Who more often then not, give poor recommendations, and many farmers seriously deplete their lands. I see it as connected.. the more I can help farmers become profitable in growing plants, the less likely they may be to resort to animal agriculture or have children who end up harming/selling wildlife for income. It’s not enough to just avoid certain products, we need to actively find solutions for people who are engaged in behaviors we don’t believe in. It saddens me that many ppl think that whatever happening in Nepal is Karma — if you believe that, than you would also agree that anything bad that happens to you is karma and that no one in your life should help you get out of that bad situation because you put yourself there. I don’t think that is fair. We all make mistakes, every country does shitty things to animals. Every country experiences shitty circumstances. We do what we can to lift others up, and in the process their hearts and their minds may open, we can’t know that this doesnt happen. I understand that a lot of vegans have anger towards humanity in general, for forcing situations on non human animals that are barbaric. This has turned a lot of vegans off to humanity. I know i go through my waves of it. But ultimately its not the reason why we don’t talk about human rights issues. We don’t talk about them because we don’t need to, there are soooo many other social organizations which do cover these issues extensively. The problems of this world are so vast, that no one group or organization can cover everything. Even within the vegan community, most organizations break it down at some level, with some vegan organizations focusing on health, while others focus on circus animals, some focus on illegal wildlife trade, while others focus on laboratory animals… at the end of the day people generally have more resources and decision making ability for their life than most suffering animals have. And generally most people will find that slavery is wrong, while the majority of people laugh at vegans for caring for animals. I think this is the biggest difference, which is often the most frustrating. Hence, why the vegan community has specifically targeted helping animals, since it’s such a small percentage of the world that actually treats animals as they are– sentient and deserving of rights.”


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