I could never give up cheese

This was the response I had for someone saying this on facebook:

It’s hard at first for sure, I never thought that I could do it, I first toyed with the idea, then practiced ordering something without cheese — which was the hardest. Then challenged myself to go 30 days without — I felt so good after 30 days, it turned into 1 year. After 1 year, I found myself traveling and to make things ‘easier’ on myself and those I stayed with, I decided to have cheese again. And you know the weirdest thing? I didn’t even like it… Suddenly my taste buds had changed and the stuff was sticky, tasted sweaty, fatty and gross. Plus realizing that ultimately, you aren’t ‘conveniencing’ anyone by making a choice which you think will be ‘convenient’. It only really makes you feel bad, you may not totally enjoy it, and it also adds to the suffering you see in this video. It takes practice, it takes persistence, but it’s totally doable. And today, I can honestly say I don’t miss the stuff in the slightest (now its been 3 years). I do enjoy vegan cheese, daiya — is best used melted– my favorite is the pepper jack, you can put it in quesadillas and or pizza… grilled cheese. There is also Chao — which is a coconut cheese, which is awesome and non-vegans I’ve introduced it to really enjoy it. It’s great both cold and melted. Daiya also has some cream cheese available, but my favorite is actually home made cream cheese made from sunflower seeds or cashews… or really any other nut works too. Google, ‘raw vegan cheese recipe’, and loads will pop up. Also Miyoko’s kitchen makes specialty cheeses that can be ordered from california, I actually did that this past year for christmas and they were pretty well liked by everyone in my fam smile emoticon She also has an amazing cook book available with some really fantastic cream cheese plus all sort of artisanal cheese recipes — so far I’ve only tried the cream cheeses, which my non vegetarian family were totally blown away by smile emoticon pros–non artery clogging, full of vitamin E, protein.. etc.. nonviolent and very tasty smile emoticon”


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