Why are vegans against sea world, they are only helping animals…

“People need to be concerned about the real issues, such as factory farms and big game hunting”
I can agree that people ought put more time into all other forms of animal welfare in addition to things like zoos and aquariums. Have you seen Blackfish? Or a life among whales? I found these extremely informative on the life of these animals and just how injurious being in captivity can be for them. I’m really not okay with any animal being in captivity. It’s one thing if the animal can’t survive on its own in the wild.. and we’ve created a situation through over breeding, and captivity.. that many animals depend on humans, but to support these businesses with our dollar, to motivate them to kidnap more wild animals, breed more animals.. while animal sanctuaries and shelters are already struggling to care for the animals we already have.. is criminal. No doubt that we all need to realize how harmful humans are as a species, and in all the ways we are so destructive for no good reason.. but I can’t really justify that as a reason to not care about things that may appear as ‘lesser evils’, they are all part of the same problem. Humans viewing animals as ‘lesser than’, and not worthy of living their lives for their own sake rather than our own sake.  

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