But tigers must kill


After several hours of going back and forth, this seems to be the last go-to for many people wanting to avoid the ultimate truth of veganism, this comment also addresses cultural components, so check out the page on ancestors as well :

Comment by someone on fb:

I guess I have no dispute with your arguments. Though I am a non-vegetarian I too have gone though phases when I have doubted whether I am right in being so. Most vegetarian movements try to prove that human body is built to be a vegetarian. However, the fossils of earlier versions of humans prove that they were hunting and eating animals.  Being carnivorous is being natural. We do kill rodents by choice. Similarly, cockroaches, Mosquitos, flies, etc. are killed by choice and with full knowledge. If a tiger kills it is ok because nature has made him carnivorous, but if a man kills for food it is not right. Why is that so?

My response:

Being carnivorous is not always natural. There are farmers who feed their cows non-vegan products when grass is not available on site, but a cow does not thrive on these foods. Many of us kill rodents and other small insects by choice and many of us also prefer to let them be. A tiger is acting out of his or her full nature in the moment that it takes down its prey. The difference between a tiger killing and a human killing has several distinctions. To make it clear, there are societies which are located in places in the world where food is less available, and hunting has become a main food source for those people. This may be unavoidable in some circumstances. However, when comparing mainstream consumption of meat to that of a tiger, a few things ought to be pointed out. A skilled predator takes the weakest of the prey, thereby enhancing the overall strength of those being hunted. The tiger also only takes the amount that it needs, and has something like a 30% success rate in catching its prey. This requires the tiger to be extremely fast and efficient. The tiger typically will kill the prey and allow that animal to decompose for a few days, so the meat comes easier from the bones when the tiger comes back to it.

The tiger needs no condiments or other side accompaniments to make this the most perfect meal for the tiger. The tiger also only eats perhaps one big meal out of several days. Meat is complicated to digest, and real carnivores eat rather big meals sparingly. Tigers never control the entire environment of the prey, they take the animal once it is needed. They never inject hormones, semen, mutilate entire populations (cutting off tails, horns, beaks), cage, feed unnatural foods, allow no movement–for entire lifetimes, separate young from parents routinely, every time, or kill with any other weapon apart from their own teeth, their own claws.

Humans force animals to live in unnatural circumstances, not just at the time of death, but throughout generations of certain populations of animals. Under conditions that we would not desire for our worst enemy. When we hunt, we typically kill the biggest, and strongest of the pack, our weapons kill with 100% efficiency, not allowing for the evolution of the prey, in a way that benefits their species as a whole. And unlike the tiger, we have a choice, in modern society to choose what we eat. Death is totally natural, and consumption is also totally natural, but forcing the life of generations of animals to live in an artificially controlled environment, is not. If we were truly carnivorous, I would imagine that we would physically be able to eat a cow with our bare hands, and we would salivate just looking at a cow and imagining eating a raw or rotten cow (a hamburger does not count, is not the real taste of a cow, it has been cooked, processed, bones removed, organs removed, loads of salt added, vegetables to side dress, seasonings).

In fact if we were to eat a raw cow, we would probably get fairly ill. Humans have a great deal of fear, which isn’t really the nature of a top predator, the top predator has nothing to fear. Put a naked modern human without a gun or a bow and arrow in a jungle or a forest…. we are prime prey. Somehow we have managed to create fancy equipment that has formed us to believe that killing is natural to us, that being the top predator is where we belong… but in fact, it seems that fear drives us to kill more than our love of consumption (fear of death/starvation,and/or being weak). We have not enjoyed being the bottom of the food chain so we have forced our way to the top. And with that we created stories of needed protein consumption and health calamities if we were to avoid these animal products. Of course protein deficiency is a real thing, in the places in the world where there is a complete lack of food in general — all food especially plant food (which tends to be the cheapest and easiest to come by. Animal products take many times over more resources, both water and plant foods to sustain people, than it does to just sustain people directly on plant food alone), and in these places, any food of course –nonveg or veg– can help these people. It really seems to come down to that fear element, at least for me, when I first went vegetarian, I was terrified of getting sick, and being unwell due to not adequate protein, but I soon learned that it’s this game we have been playing with ourselves to inflate our egos, but it’s not based in reality. Actually taking out animal products was the best thing I ever did for my health.


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