Plants have feelings too

In response to someone posting the following on a vegan discussion board ,and saying they would never eat again, this one of the responses :

“This is definitely interesting science, but it isn’t an ethical conundrum to me. Ultimately, as herbivores we must consume plants to survive. But even ethically, I am vegan to reduce my contribution to suffering. The capacity to sense particular vibrations and respond with a chemical defense isn’t an indicator of perceiving the stimulation as painful. There are no known structures within plants that are analogs to pain receptors, neurons, and other pain-perceiving brain structures. Mobile animals benefit from our ability to sense pain – but plants have no evolutionary need for the experience of pain. But even IF, contrary to all known evidence we have, plants do feel pain, it would still be preferable to eat vegan. Far more plants are killed for non-vegan diets, as more plants must be harvested to feed animals.”– Dexter Mel Thomas

The following quote was taken from a website of fabulous anti-slavery quotes:

“Last night, I attended a local food-faith-community talk, where one of the speakers asserted that veganism is not practical because, for us to live, something has to die, and plants have lives too, and we shouldn’t consider their lives to be worth less. So, after challenging her assertion, I went home, did a few google searches and ran a few calculations. I always knew that eating plants actually saved plants, but I didn’t know just how well. Assuming 12 lbs of soybeans are required to produce 1 lb of beef, a single 4 oz beef serving kills 1 cow with a highly developed nervous system plus 150 soybean plants +/-. In contrast, if I ate 1 cup of black beans, 2 cups of mixed greens, onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms, plus a sweet potato, I estimate I killed 5-7 black bean plants, 1 collard green plant, 1 tomato plant (technically not killed, since tomato harvest doesn’t require plant death, but humor me here), 1 onion plant, 3-5 mushrooms, and a sweet potato plant. So that means that vegan meal killed 12-16 plants, vs 150 soy plants killed—murdered, dare I say—to produce a single 4 oz beef serving. Talk about a deep rationalization! We kill 10 times more plants by eating beef than by simply eating plants. And this person was a religious person! There are none so blind, as those who will not even consider alternate points of view.”
~ Mark Rifkin (May 14, 2014)


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