But why do you want to change me and my values…

I never said that. If clean water, clean air, full forests, healthy bodies, enough food for everyone are not part of your value system, that’s fine, you are the only person who can define your value system. There is nothing really more to talk about. I share about our food choices and their effect on our surroundings because yes, it matters to me. What we eat collectively creates the world we live in. People will make their choices, as long as people are aware of the consequences, that’s really my aim in having these discussions. My goal isn’t to change your value systems, my goal is share just how destructive some of our habits actually are. That’s it. I’m all for people having homes and employment despite what they eat. Absolutely. Everyone deserves a fair shot. I just also think that information should be spread about how our choices affect others.


But they taste so good tho

I can’t tell you the number of times, I’ve gotten this one, so i know I have other responses to this question floating around this website.

Yesterday, this was the response I gave for this.

well at least you are honest about it. It seems impossible, but the reality is, there are actually some pretty amazing meat free products that many people can’t even tell the difference. I have vegan friends who secretly use faux meat in food, that they make for their family, and their family raves about how good it was– they couldn’t even tell that it wasn’t meat! All it takes is a little effort to find an alternative. And the benefits are well worth it, lbs drop off easily, cholesterol falls to healthy levels, medicines like allergy medicines you thought you needed, suddenly are not needed any more this is only to name a small fraction of the health benefits — to reducing taking out animal products.”

Their response:

To each there own. It’s sad how some animals are tortured yes. I understand why you are vegan. I just like meat. So I don’t think about it!

My Response:

I guess, but ultimately we are all affected by the choices we make collectively. Our taxes go to subsidize meat, which otherwise would be way too expensive for regular use. And the environmental impacts of these choices, also effect our drinking water, soil quality and air quality. This has implications on our health, and even more implications for our childrens health, as they have to grow up in the world we leave behind. I see for you it’s about taste. I’m just expressing, why this is so important for me to talk about. Especially as meat and dairy are the reasons why we have such issues with heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity today. It’s hard to see the suffering, when there is a pretty easy way out.”

‘Diet is like religion, keep it to yourself’

The problem is that we are all affected by the dietary choices we make. Animal farms contribute more to global warming than any other industry sector including transportation. We are all affected. If you met somebody who ate humans… you probably wouldnt think that was a personal choice would you? Animals may not be humans, but like humans they feel pain, they have complex social orders and natural inclinations. If we have a choice to promote the wellbeing of those who have little choice in the matter, that goes a long way in making the world a more peaceful place. A little less suffering. It’s not a matter of ‘holier than thou’, because of who anyone is… it’s a matter of each individual being able to make a choice in every moment to create a little less suffering on planet earth. And that option is open to everyone, no one is excluded from that option, therefore no one is better than anyone, because the potential of making the world a little more peaceful exists in everybody. Believing that humanity doesn’t have room for improvement or believing that no human can take choices to promote peace, basically affirms that cruelty and less peace is a personal choice of those individuals. I guess for me I tend to believe that this really isn’t the case for most people. Maybe there’s a disconnect from those who promote messages of peace and those who ultimately want less suffering. This stuff though isn’t just made up, with no substance, there are many actually studies that have been done correlating pollution rates, factory farms, nutrition from dairy and meat and diseases, animal intelligence and animal cruelty … don’t take anyones word for this stuff. The best that can be done.. is actually research it.. .google it… look up articles for this stuff… It’s amazing the information available and actually how this isn’t a religion, it’s a logical approach to working with natural systems. “Cowspiracy” is a really great documentary, along with “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” “Forks over Knives” … This stuff is really inspiring and is life changing. Personally I’ve reversed my own challenges with cancer cells,acne, low energy, and other illnesses through this lifestyle

Vegans think they are more superior and enlightened

It may come across that way, since a message is trying to be conveyed, but think about it this way: everyone is a genius at something. When it comes to an electrician coming to your home to fix some connection, there wouldn’t be judgment as to why they are trying to do this, or explain something to you about how to properly maintain something. Largely, vegan information has been stifled by big business and governments regarding the benefits of a plant based diet in our world and for our health. Just like anyone else who is passionate about a topic, vegans are adamant that this information is a human right, that all humans ought to have access to important information regarding their health and happiness in order to make the best choices to what fits their values best. A lot of people are pretty disgusted to see the cruelty we commit to other members of planet earth, as well as our tax money going into subsidies that ultimately add to lack of environmental regulation of CAFOs and the pollution which regularly flows out of them. There’s no doubt in my mind that you are a genius at something, and that when people talk to you about that thing, you lighten up, you want to share your experience to improve their understanding in some way. We are all guilty of this. For some reason, information regarding public health, is seen as a threat to the patterns and habits we’ve developed over a lifetime. It doesn’t help to shoot down the messenger… the problems will remain. Whether or not anyone speaks about this stuff… we are continually affected by it. In ways of pollution, in ways of health care costs, in ways of cruelty to beings who have not done any action directly against us.

but we should be free to live however…

“Every society should be free to live according to its own principles, as long as it does not interfere in the freedom of other societies to do the same.”

Vegan Rebuttal:

Sorry this just isn’t specific enough… especially when there are so many reasons not to.

I guess the choice to eat other species, is it because we can? Is it because they are weaker? Is it because they feel less?  It is because we believe we need to? Is it so we can fully feel like we are participating with all parts of this world, whether they be the dark sides or the light sides?  But in our society why cows, why goats? Why not cats or dogs?  Or people our enemies — I’m thankful we don’t, however this is speciesist of me. To judge a being in this world, based on what body it was born into, makes less sense to me over time.

No one should force you to eat a certain way: Everyone should be able to eat what they want


Sameer Singhal I guess there is always such a big deal made out of meal preferences, plants and animals both have lives, and you are free to make the choice. Maybe for several days one chooses to be vegan, but for the others one may choose to have meat.  Everyone has different taste preferences and health needs and should be able to eat what they like….without any imposition….



The only demand which can affect us comes from within, no one can make you feel anything that somewhere inside you, you don’t already feel. Of course plants are life forms, but I don’t see it a fair comparison to relate a plant with flesh and blood. Even the most sensitive of people aren’t deeply affected by witnessing the chopping of vegetables. Growing up on a farm, I can tell you, that witnessing the murder of several animals affected me deeply. Of course people are going to choose their foods at the end of the day, but it is quite disturbing to me, that in today’s world we regularly choose foods in which if we had witnessed what had happened behind the scenes… we may have made a different choice. If you have not taken the life of an animal or been directly in the presence of an animal being butchered alive, there can be no accurate claim that the life of a plant and the life of an animal are equal. It’s not just about personal taste and preference, when it involves such blood. We are all in fact human beings, often addressed as omnivores, and just as many people use that word to justify the consumption of meat, we can also use that word to justify that we are all fully capable of thriving on plants. Just as well as any person who already does. We are not so biologically different, but it can be a comfort to believe so, in order to feel ‘secure’ in our habits.